Autonomous University of Chile

The Autonomous University of Chile is a private Chilean university. It has campuses in TemucoTalca and Santiago (Providencia and Llano Subercaseaux).

It is affiliated to SUA (Single Admission System of Rector's Council of Chilean Universities.

The university is accredited by CNA-Chile (National Accreditation commission) for a term of 4 years (a maximum of seven years), from October 2019 to October 2023. UA ranks as the 23rd best university in Chile according to webometric classification of CSIC (June 2017), 61st in Latin America according to the Times Higher Education Latin American University Rankings. Among Chilean universities is currently among the top 14 of Scimago Institution Rankings (SIR) 2020, 19th at national level and 747 at international level.

Autonomous University of Chile was founded on August 11, 1989 in Temuco city, capital of Araucanía region of Chile, under the name of "Universidad Autónoma de Sur", and subsequently, in 2006 changed its name to "Universidad Autónoma de Chile".

The university has full autonomy, which allows it to directly grant degree and diplomas. After its autonomy certification by High Education Board of Chile, the university has continued to maintain its institutional quality, for which has continued the process of homologation and the recognition of its degree plans and programs with Spanish universities of high tradition, such as those of Universidad de BarcelonaUniversidad de Salamanca and Universidad de Sevilla, inter alia.

In January 2003, UAutonoma inaugurated its Talca campus in the facilities of Instituto Profesional Valle Central. By May of the same year El Llano Subercaseaux campus was settled in San Miguel commune, in the facilities of the former San Andrés University.

By 2009, Providencia campus was open, and a year later the university bought INCACEA's Institute of Sciences and Arts -which was in bankruptcy- to reinforce the brand and launch technical and professional studies academic offer, with headquarters in Las Condes and Viña de Mar. In 2012, after CAN-Chile refusal of accreditation, INCACEA closed down Viña del Mar campus.

In 2005, the university incorporated the new Providencia campus, with over 33,000 square meters.


Where is Autonomous University of Chile?

Av. Pedro de Valdivia 425

Providencia, Región Metropolitana


+56 2 2303 6000

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