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Polytechnic University of Bacalar

The Polytechnic University of Bacalar is a Higher Education Institution with programmes and services that respond with pertinence to the trends and needs of the local and state environment; it develops educational programmes under a competency-based model that facilitates the labour insertion of its graduates and the national and international mobility of students and staff; its evaluable educational programmes are classified at level 1 of the CIEES and accredited by bodies recognised by the COPAES. 100% of its full-time academic staff have postgraduate studies, carry out teaching, tutoring, academic management, research and university extension functions, participate in academic bodies recognised by the PRODEP developing Lines of Research and Technological Development linked to the economic and social problems of the environment, a significant percentage of them have a recognised desirable profile and are studying doctoral programmes. It operates with a regulatory framework in accordance with its needs and with processes certified under the ISO 9001 Standard integrated in a Quality Management System whose scope groups together the substantive and adjective institutional functions; it is an institution committed to transparency and accountability to society, based on participatory planning processes and systemic control and evaluation mechanisms. It operates university outreach and extension programmes in coordination with the public, private and social sectors, for which it is widely recognised by society.


Where is Polytechnic University of Bacalar?

Avenida 39 entre calle 50 y 54, Benito Juárez, 77930 Bacalar, Q.R.,


+52 983 834 2340

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