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Where is University of Madeira?

Praca do Município,

9000-072 Funchal


+351 291209400



University of Madeira aims to find adequate solutions, within a framework of responsibility, equity and sustainability, which contribute to the development and affirmation of Madeira and the country in a globalized and dynamic world


The University pursues scientific research activities, promoting the diffusion and social and economic valorization of knowledge and technological innovation. It guarantees the human education at the highest level, in its cultural, scientific, artistic, technical and professional aspects, conducting academic studies to obtain a degree, a Technical Course and other courses. It seeks to prepare its students for the challenges of global society and lifelong learning by providing them with scientific knowledge, technical competence and transversal training.

UMa wants its students to be citizens of the world, creative and enterprising, responsible and professional, tolerant and attentive to the environmental, cultural and human challenges of a society that is intended to be sustainable and equitable. To this end, UMa promotes and supports actions and programs that contribute to the integration of its graduates into the professional environments and foster its spirit of initiative and entrepreneurship, as well as the mobility of students and graduates, in particular in the European area of higher education.

In terms of relationship with the rest of the society, UMa collaborates with the community, governing bodies, companies, professional associations and institutions of higher education and research, discovering, disseminating and applying knowledge, graduating company boards and conducting research and development projects and offer of specialized services.

It also develops a teaching and research policy that takes into account the specificities of the Madeira Region in which is located, collaborating in the formulation of national and regional policies on education, science and culture, and giving its support on legislative projects concerning these subjects. UMa is also an essential element for the deepening of the internationalization of the Region, seeking to contribute to a greater connection to the diaspora and to the construction of the Portuguese Language space and the European space in teaching, science and culture. By its very nature and dynamics, UMa maintains a relationship of commitment and interdependence with the economic, social and cultural development of Madeira Region.

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