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Multidisciplinary conference, transversal to all the activity sectors that involve Information Technologies and systems in the Tourism area, namely: Competitiveness of destinations based on digital technology, Hospitality, Destinations Management, Business & Finance, Public Administration; Economics; Management Science; Education; Health & Rehabilitation; Agriculture & Food Technology.

General objectives

  • Promote a collaborative environment between the academic and tourism community in search of improvement and attractiveness of innovation, business and investments;

  • Promote dialogue between the scientific community and the main national and international science and technology travel agencies;

  • Enabling the digital transformation of the Tourism business;

  • Promote the integrated advancement of the different areas of science with the aim to improve the quality of life of citizens and the society in general;

  • Encourage young science talents to publish their work in the conference areas, especially in Latin countries;

  • Present and debate results from different science and innovation groups in Tourism and/or Information Technologies and Systems, allowing the emergence of new doctoral candidates.



Tourism research in providing innovative solutions to social problems

  • Destination Product Development

  • Destination Markets

  • Trends in entrepreneurial activity in business and hospitality

  • Trends in accommodation, food, beverage, transportation, leisure, and events


Information and communication technologies in hospitality and tourism industry

  • Digital transformation of Tourism Business

  • Information Technologies in Education and Educational Tourism

  • Information Systems in Tourism and Hospitality

  • Robotics in Tourism

  • Intelligent systems in tourism

  • Technology in Tourism and Tourist experience

  • Big data and Management for Travel and Tourism 

  • Computer Reservations Systems

  • Smart Destinations


Sustainable Tourism

  • Information Technologies in Ecotourism and Agritourism

  • Accessible Tourism

  • Destination Quality

  • Mobile Technologies applied to sustainable Tourism

  • Tourism industry and ecology

  • Sustainable tourism and well-being

  • Infrastructure, development and sustainability in hospitality and tourism industry

  • Green technology and strategies in hospitality and tourism

  • Generations and Technology in Tourism


Tourism Trends

  • Experiential Tourism

  • Experience Co-creation

  • Slow Tourism experiences

  • Events in tourism

  • Creative tourism

  • Innovation in tourism products design

  • Emerging destinations

  • Emerging products


Health and wellness Tourism

  • Tourism, Wellness and Hospitality

  • Traveling for health/medical and wellness

  • Strategic planning in thermal spas

  • New products in health and wellness tourism


Tourism Management

  • Tourism development and planning

  • Strategic Planning in Tourism

  • Destination Partnerships and Team building

  • Destination Governance and Leadership

  • Human Resources development in Tourism

  • Revenue management

  • Management and Quality Assurance in organizations


Marketing strategies in hospitality and tourism industry

  • Digital Marketing applied to Tourism and Travel

  • Destination Marketing Systems

  • Destination Marketing Planning

  • Destination branding and promotion

  • Consumer behaviour in hospitality and tourism industry


Hospitality, tourism, and foodservice environment

  • Information Technologies in Food Tourism

  • Wine Tourism

  • Gastronomy in Tourism

  • Travelers Food Experiences

  • Food Events

  • Experiences in wine and gastronomy tourism


Tourism in the different scientific areas

  • Resilience and Tourism

  • Dark Tourism

  • Military Tourism

  • Religious Tourism

  • Education and Tourism

  • Cultural Tourism

  • Accounting and finance in hospitality and tourism industry

  • Tourism, terrorism, safety, and security

  • Organizational Models and Information Systems

  • Information Systems and Technologies


eTourism and Tourism 2.0

  • Geo-tagging and Tourist mobility

  • Electronic Information Distribution in Tourism and Hospitality


Submission and Decision

Articles submitted in English (up to a 10-page limit) must comply with the Smart Innovation, Systems and Technologies book series format (see Instructions for Authors at Springer Website / Word Template​). Articles submitted in Spanish or Portuguese (up to a maximum of 10 pages) must comply with the T&D Journal Format.

Submitted papers must not have been published before, not be under review for any other conference or publication and not include any information leading to the authors’ identification. Therefore, the authors’ names, affiliations and bibliographic references should not be included in the version for evaluation by the Scientific Committee. This information should only be included in the camera-ready version, saved in Word or Latex format and also in PDF format.

All papers will be subjected to a “double-blind review” by at least two members of the Scientific Committee.

Based on Scientific Committee evaluation, a paper can be rejected or accepted by the Conference Chairs. In the latter case, it can be accepted as the type originally submitted or as another type.

The authors of accepted papers will have 15 minutes to present their work in a Conference Work Session; approximately 5 minutes of discussion will follow each presentation.

The authors of accepted poster papers must also build and print a poster to be exhibited during the Conference.

This poster must follow an A1 or A2 vertical format. The Conference can include Work Sessions where these posters are presented and orally discussed, with a 7 minute limit per poster.

The authors of the best-selected papers will be invited to extend them for publication in international journals indexed by ISI/SCI and SCOPUS, among others.

Important Dates

Paper Submission: July 27, 2024

Notification of Acceptance: August 31, 2024

Payment of Registration, to ensure the inclusion of an accepted paper in the proceedings: September 12, 2024

Camera-ready Submission: September 12, 2024

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