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EUROPROJECTS´23 - European projects


European projects - tricks and advice to improve the possibility of being funded (small scale partnerships)


In the last few years, Erasmus Action launched a new format of projects - the small scale partnership, where the applicant and the remaining partners have more freedom to choose the idea and create the workplan, as long as the main requisites are observed. The aim of the Action is to attract newcomers or less experienced partners and encourage them to get involved in European projects. However, even with these facilities, there are mistakes that prevent the proposal from reaching a good mark and thus, being funded. The objective of this workshop is to present the main mistakes made by the partnership and let the participants become aware of them, as well as of the solutions or corrections that they need to introduce in order to increase the opportunity of their proposals becoming funded.


Workshop Chair: Anabela Mesquita 

Structure of the workshop:

1h30m. Practical work / hands-on.

Limit - maximum 20 persons.

Participants need to register in advance using the link:



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